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Spin Out: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track (USDM-spec)

For the past decade, Hyundai was formally known as the quirky and uninspiring Korean car company. Nowadays five or so years ago, this underdog of a company turned into an all-out offensive juggernaut towards the automotive industry. It all began with its multi award-winning sedan, that sedan was the Genesis Sedan. This car featured many…

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TQPI February Hottie: Lily Wang

Our February 2011 hottie hails from Long Beach California. Now a Las Vegas resident, Lily is an import tuner model with a long list of calls in her portfolio. Lily is part Korean and Chinese thus she speaks three languages.  Very friendly Shortly after is ingested the user may experience the following symptoms:Constricted blood vessels.…